Healthcare Innovator Ann Joo Kim Joins Flume Health as COO


NEW YORK, July 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Canal health, a health plan administration platform for the modern fragmented healthcare ecosystem, today announced that Ann joo kim joined the company as COO. The former Haven program director and longtime insurance executive is responsible for evolving operations to accelerate adoption of Flume by self-insured employers.

Launched in 2020, Flume Health is a new generation of health plan administrators (TPAs) intentionally designed to reduce healthcare costs, improve the quality of care, and transform the user experience for employers and members. Flume’s administrator model allows self-insured employers and their workforce to unbundle their health plans and augment or replace existing off-the-shelf plans with specialist providers that cater to specific populations with disabilities. such as MS, pain, diabetes, mental health and many more. By combining active employer and member engagement with a cutting edge technology and data product, Flume exceeds the capabilities of legacy health plan administrators. On average, the plans designed by Flume save employers close to $ 5,000 per employee per year.

Fresh out of a round of funding that brings total venture capital investment to 10 million dollars, Flume has a radical impact on its clientele of small and medium-sized self-insured companies. These companies are increasingly crippled by de facto annual premium increases and health care options for their employees who have premiums and deductibles so high that the concept of “care” in the word “health care” is an oxymoron.

“I have always been passionate about healthcare and inspired to make meaningful changes to the system. Flume is a company that truly addresses the fundamental issues in the delivery and management of health care, ”said Ann joo kim, COO of Flume. “Building the fundamentals of processes and procedures, putting in place an infrastructure to make things more efficient in order to improve the experience and engagement of Flume customers is a natural evolution of my healthcare and healthcare journey. my quest to be part of a meaningful and dynamic transformation. “

The disaggregation that takes place in the healthcare sector is a boon for consumers who can take advantage of point solutions, but it leads to greater complexity for employers. With more than 50% of employees receiving benefits from their employer, employers are often tasked with becoming health experts rather than focusing on their core business. As a technological generation TPA, Flume can be the gateway to strategic innovations in the design and management of benefit plans.

“Ann knows where the hockey puck is heading in healthcare innovation. The fact that she has chosen Flume as her next role is something that we are incredibly proud of, ”said Cedric Kovacs Johnson, founder and CEO of Flume Health. “Ann has built a career as a change initiator and as an actor; exactly the experience we bring to our customers and industry by bringing transparency and efficiency to healthcare administration. “

About Flume Health
Flume Health is a health plan administration platform for the modern and fragmented healthcare ecosystem. Designed to reduce healthcare costs, improve quality of care, and transform the user experience for employers and members, Flume enables self-insured employers and their workforces to unbundle their healthcare plans and scale up or to replace the old standard plans. By combining the active engagement of employers and members with a technology and data product, Flume exceeds the capabilities of legacy health plan administrators, saving nearly $ 5,000 per employee per year. To learn more, visit

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